Suicide, Divorce

Today’s episode is going to crack your life wide open and you will most likely shed a tear as you hear Bob Martin open up about his life after transition. He went from a man who thought he had it all to a man that was in the deepest of pits in his life. 

This is the story of a man who almost didn’t live to tell this story and can only be described as a voice from God that it wasn’t his time. 

What I love about this episode is that he shared his story in a really vulnerable way that if you are in this moment right now, it will hit you to the core. 

We were not mean to do life alone, for 3,000 years we have done life in tribes, we shared the load of what life gave us. 

He also opens up about what he saw his role as a father before the divorce and how that role changed after.  It opened up a good question to ask yourself, “What do you see your role as a father?”


My connection to Bob comes from the oddest of places, Bob is also my Mortgage guy and we first met last year when I moved into our new home. 

At the 49 minute mark, we switch gears and I take advantage of Bobs Mortgage experience when dealing with VA loans and also why his tag line is that it’s not just a mortgage it’s a relationship. 


Bob’s Video from his Church


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