How to Create More Friendships 

Do you struggle with loneliness or wish you had a group of friends to “do life” with? A recent study showed that “18 percent of men did not have a close friend and 32 percent had no one they counted as a best friend.” [Source: YouGov]

Friendships are essential for success in life, relationships, success, and business. If you’d like a simple yet effective process for creating and strengthening your friendships, you’re in the right place!

Probably one of my most vulnerable stories is the one that I tell about my first mid-life crisis.   It was when I turned thirty years old.  I was married, had a daughter, had a great job, and a house, I had what most would describe as the American Dream. 

But what no one really talks about is that the stuff on the outside doesn’t really matter.  Its the stuff on the inside that you can’t touch, but you definitely feel on a daily basis that changes how you feel about your life. 

At this turning point, my greatest fear was reaching the end of my life and not having anyone say that I mattered in there life, other than immediate family I would leave this earth just as quickly as I came and that what I did was insignificant. 

It was in the months that followed that a friend came into my life and told me some advice that changed everything.  If you want a result in your life you have never had, then you need to start doing things you have never done.  

With this advice in hand, I really looked inward and at what results in my life I have yet to see or feel.   It was an easy answer for me, friends.  I had no quality relationships with other people that I could lean on, count on, or enjoy moments with.  

Next question was, what is something I have never done that is holding back that result from coming into my life and equivalently it was talking to people. Every person I would talk to would be that high school girl that would say no and I would avoid talking to them for reliving the feeling of being rejected.  

With the solution and problem in hand, I decided to move through this and create a result in the life I have never really had, friends.   I went to the safest place I could to make new friends, the park. 

There were always dads at the park that were their kids and instead of just going about my business, I decided to say hello and wow it felt so good to do that step.  I instantly validated something at that moment. 

On the other side of hello can be the life you have been waiting for, it turns out the other dads wanted to say hello and talk just as much as I did.  They were just waiting for someone to go first. 

I can say that on the other side of hello has been everything that I have in my life today, my podcast, my network, my friends, and new opportunities every day. 

This is why my first course to Military Dads is on friends because without them we feel empty, we loved having a tribe while we served, but we do little to rebuilt this tribe on the other side of our service.  

Friend-ships are ships on your ocean of life and the more ships you have on the ocean, the more opportunity you will find floats ashore.   The course is five short ten-minute audio lessons you can listen to on walk or drive to work on how to create more friends, build upon them, and grow them.  

Oh, I forgot to mention the most important part, it is FREE! If you are ready to have more friends in your life and see what is on the other side of hello for you, your ships are waiting to set sail.

Lesson 1 : The Power of Hello

On the other side of hello is a world of opportunity.  In this lesson, you will build a solid foundation of why friendships are so important and how they can change your life.


Lesson 2 : It Can Happen Anywhere

When you understand the power of hello you realize that opportunity and friendship can happen anywhere and that you are always one conversation away from something amazing coming into your life.


Lesson 3 : Why It Might Not Work

Let’s be real, the one reason why it might not work is that the biggest obstacle we face in life is moving through our fear, our stories, and letting go of any preconceived judgment we have of ourselves.


Lesson 4 : What Do You Say?

Ok, so you have said hello, now what?  In this lesson, we will use the time tested teaching of the Dale Carnegie classic How to Win Friends and Influence People to give some basic tools to navigate a conversation.


Lesson 5 : How to Stay in Touch

In order to keep a friendship going, you will need to understand that it doesn’t end with just a simple conversation, it takes multiples to really build something that will open doors and enrich your life.  This lesson is all about some simple techniques you can do to make sure you stay in touch.


Ben Killoy


A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” – Unknown

“The richness of our life comes from the richness of our friendships.” – Dan Miller 

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