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Today’s episode comes to us all the way from Thailand.  Greg Boudah is a Marine Veteran who currently lives in Thailand with his wife and son. 

He has an interesting story about how he ended up in Thailand and how he is crafting a life with his son and how he is committed to the break the cycle of abuse that he was raised with. 

Topics covered:

  • Thoughts when your first holding your son
  • Gaining an identity through service
  • Will I be a good dad when my son is a teen
  • Your kids need a safe place to talk about what they are thinking.
  • Book: Someday a bird will poop on you > https://amzn.to/30VrRER
  • Have mentors in your life
  • Be ok with being a hugger
  • Making sure you always have a relationship with your son
  • Giving your son a wide view of the American dream
  • The moments you don’t plan can be the ones that change everything
  • Giving booze enough time and saying no more

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