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Do you question who you are as a Veteran?  Do you question your purpose in living?  Today’s episode Bobby and I deep dive into identity, transition, suicide, PTSD.  Bobby has an amazing story of getting a second chance on life after attempting to take his own life.

Topics Covered:

  • The fight for Fallujah
  • The identity of Marines
  • Create anchors in your life
  • Growing flowers from the mess that is your life
  • Getting labeled with PTSD
  • Hating the person in the mirror
  • You have everything you need already

Military.com Article

PTSD Nearly Killed Him > http://bit.ly/2HxLM5u

YouTube Videos

Battling PTSD w/ Jason Myers Racing > http://bit.ly/2SRSc4H

Armed Forces Foundation: Bobby Grey > http://bit.ly/2OWX6w8

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