Rod Olson or Coach O’ is a catalyst and Coaches’ coach known for his ability to help high performing leaders see things others don’t see and find their ‘sweet spot’ as they lead and motivate others in the 21st century. He is the founder of the Coaches of Excellence Institute and the Coach O Consulting Group. Rod is also the author of three highly acclaimed leadership fables: The Legacy Builder, Wisdom Lunch Warrior and Greatest Motivational Tool. After nearly 20 years as a college football coach, Rod has spent the last decade plus, working with elite teams and organizations while teaching, coaching, and mentoring some of the top coaches and leaders in our country. He is a nationally recognized speaker and leadership consultant specializing in high level leadership coaching and culture development. Rod has clients in the corporate sector, professional and collegiate sports and in our United States military special forces.

Topics Covered:

  • Work-Life Integration
  • Embracing the struggles of life
  • Legacy Builder
  • Learning How to Create Generational Change
  • Being On The Same Page as Parents
  • 4 C of Parenting
    • Coaching Stage Age 0-18
    • Counselor Stage Age 19-23
    • Consultant Stage Age 24-35
    • Colleagues Stage Age 35- …
  • Build Trust in a Famil

Book Recommendation

The Greatest Motivational Tool > https://bit.ly/30NhXHE

Wisdom Lunch Warrior > https://rodolson.org/twlw/

The Legacy Builder > https://bit.ly/2WYH74L

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