It is almost Father’s Day, and it can be easy to get swept up into the commercialism of the holiday and figuring out what dad wants.

Maybe your dad is one of those that is hard to buy for like me, but I want to share a message that isn’t very widely repeated.

This time last year, my wife was in China part of a teacher observation program here locally, and so I got to be just Dad for 10 days, and that also included Father’s Day.

What I remember most about this time was that being reminded of how great of a title it is to be called Dad was a gift that has been continuing to give me value even almost a year later.

Little did I know on that day, I gave myself whatever dad really wants on this holiday.

The peace and love that comes from family and being fully present as a dad.

Something that many dads, including myself, don’t often admit, but the craziness that can be life and pressure to keep providing can often lead us to forget the real reasons we do it all.  We very quickly get caught up in the routine and forget to slow down and enjoy the view.

Some advice I received a long time ago that I remind myself often is don’t get so focused on the climb on the mountain that it can feel like life that you forget to turn around and enjoy the view.

And that right there is the best gift you can give a dad on father’s day, a solid reminder of what we have in our life and the abundance of love that our kids and family can bring us when we embrace ourselves fully as a dad.

Create a space to let me step out of his head and into his heart and receive the best gift we get, the title of being called dad.

Here are a few suggestions on how to help him get out of his head and into his heart.

  1. Do an outside adventure in a local park, state park, or if you are lucky enough, one of the National Parks. Nature is one of the elements that help change the energy of our surroundings and calm the high steaks emotions we have a day in and day out.
  2. Have your kids write a letter with answers to these questions:
    • I love it when my dad ____
    • My dad is really great at ___
    • I think my dad is funny because ____
    • I know my dad loves me because ____
    • My favorite thing to do with my dad is ___
    • The one thing I hear my dad say a lot is ___
    • I love my dad because ___
  3. Pack up a picnic and enjoy a family meal in a new environment
  4. An outdoor movie night with the kids
  5. Set up a tent in the back yard and experience family in a new way
  6. Plan a staycation day

Remember, the best gift you can give dad on Father’s Day is the reminder of how awesome it is to be called dad.