Do you find yourself in a loop of the same mistakes, different days?

On the Military Veteran Dad podcast we talk about how that to create the change externally in our world we seek, we must first seek to change the world inside first.

This has many angles to it, but at the core is understanding the blueprint you learned growing up is the one you default to when times get tough. 

When times get hard and you have kids yelling and screaming and you feel like you are helpless to find control.  Know that you are no alone.  Millions of parents are feeling the same way and in many ways, the events of 2020 have brought to the surface more of our own insecurities.

Rachel brings a conversation rich on love, self-reflection, and taking a new direction.

As a former divorce attorney, she wanted to make an impact on families before they ever got to her.  So like every entrepreneur she saw a problem, she felt like she could make a difference and started a coaching practice helping to help parents who feel success at work, but struggle to find that feeling in their personal life.

Topics Covered:

  • Reparenting yourself
  • Feeling success at work, but not at home
  • Feeling like a whole person
  • What kind of life do you want your kids to have
  • When fear shows up in parenting
  • It is never too late to start a change

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