Do you hide your life stories from your kids?

 Veterans live a very rich life, we have stories, we have the depth to our views, and we know how to connect with others.  But on the other side of transition, we often don’t see how life was happening for us and how we might be able to help others who went down a similar way. 

We do this often becomes we are ashamed, worried of being judged, and afraid of what “they might think” of us after they really know my story. 

 Gloria Ren has a story that has driven her to do more and be more in her life.

 She has worked as an advocate for clients with mental health and substance use disorders for nearly a decade. She has progressive experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

 Gloria has worked with agencies and organizations within North and South Carolina to provide evidence-based training to counselors, practitioners, non-clinical staff, agencies, organizations, and clients regarding mental health and addiction. She serves as a federal grant reviewer which allows for funding for both of these populations; specifically for underserved populations.

 Gloria has counseled and consulted on thousands of clinical cases and has proven leadership and supervisory experience. Gloria is a public speaker and has headlined symposiums on the East Coast. A Palm State of Mind was founded on Gloria’s experience as a counselor and is focused on providing inclusive treatment by a representative staff.

Topics Covered:

  • The Military is a very revealing process

  • The GI Bill won’t solve all your problems

  • Transitioning out starts day 1 of Bootcamp

  • It takes a village to raise a family

  • It takes a community to support veterans

  • Finding your place in the civilian community

  • Tearing out the tags we put on people

  • Do your kids really know who dad is?

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