Is your life happening to you or for you?

This question trips me up at least once a week when I hit a setback or run into a feeling that I can’t shake. 

A lot of those times those feelings are rooted in a deeper feeling that I haven’t looked at or dealt with.  And to quote Elsa, its typically something I just needed to “let it go.”

Blake has a story that looking back with a 20/20 perspective of life, it is clear to me his life was unfolding in a way that was preparing him for bigger trials, bigger tests requiring larger acts of courage and integrity. 

If you are at a point in your life where you are struggling to get through and find the right path, I am certain this episode will be a flashlight for you. 

Topics Covered:

  • Joining the military because of angry
  • Losing a parent while on active duty
  • Letting angry govern your life
  • Taking off the masks we wear
  • Rising up and learning to fall down with integrity
  • The masks that we wear
  • Fathering through angry
  • Leaning into the community through trials and tests

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Episode Transcript

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