Are you good at taking your own advice?

I think most men struggle with this including myself.  The military creates a culture where we have a large influence on others’ directions as well as reflecting and making sure we lead by example.

But the one thing that we can get wrong is that we often live in the bubble of the Military and forget how we influence our family.

Our guest today Paul Huszar talks about his blindness to prioritizing his marriage and how it cost him it in the end.  What he had wrong with his thinking, and how we would do it over again.

He is the CEO of VetCore LLC a franchising agency helping Veterans start disaster restoration businesses.  He has a 23-year career in the United States Army and achieved a lot. 

Topics Covered:

  • Experience at West Point
  • Deciding when to get out
  • Managing priorities of family while serving
  • Following your own advice
  • Managing the loneliness at the top
  • When to challenge your command structure
  • Finding your purpose
  • Finding what your good at
  • Finding what you can get paid for
  • Freedom through Entrepreneurship

Connect with Guest:

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