How are you making your big life decisions?

How often are we just running towards the next outcome in life.  I find it often when I look back in my life that I didn’t slow down enough before making a big decision in my life.  Today I am talking with Jim Crider and he has a great story of having setting himself up right and spending the time to know where he wants to go. 

Jim Crider is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and the CEO of Intentional Living FP. Jim tells every client he works with that his job is to help them live the life they want to live. He understands that money is simply a tool, a resource that is there to help his clients live their dream lives. His role is to guide, to live where his clients’ lives and money intersect, and to help his clients make intentional decisions. Through thousands of hours of study, tens of thousands of conversations with clients, and countless financial and life goals planned for, Jim and the team at Intentional Living FP know and anticipate the planning opportunities their clients will face, and they serve as a guide to their clients as they navigate the inevitable decisions to be made. When he isn’t helping people make financial decisions that will help them spend time doing the things they enjoy with the people they love, Jim is busy being a husband, an outdoor adventurer, and a dad to 3 boys under the age of four!

Topics Covered:

  • Getting out of that place you just don’t feel life is working
  • Why not me mindset
  • Understanding money goals
  • Working through money stories in our life
  • The lie that more money will make us less stressed
  • Working through the fearless nature of kids every day
  • Breaking the rules when designing your life

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