As a Dad it can be so easy to get lost in time, the time we are at work, the time we just want to watch TV. 

The time chasing our career, the time we chasing the next big deal.

In today’s episode I talk with CEO and founder of a great American Apparel brand Dean Wagner. 

Dean opens his heart to share some of the missteps of his journey and how it was his three year old daughter that brought him home.  

Topics Covered:

  • What is driving you
  • Raising good adults
  • Helping kids explore there curiosity
  • Being intentional in life
  • We are always making a choice with time
  • When is it time for a change
  • Leading your family
  • The commitments of life
  • Navigating masculinity with raising boys

Brand Story: https://bit.ly/2HxkXC7

Authentically American Brand Overview

Authentically American is a Veteran owned, American made, premium apparel brand that is competitively priced.  We are building an iconic American brand; the next Nike, Under Armour, or Lands’ End, but ALL Made in USA.  We have a Consumer Brand and Client side of our business.  To give you a little more perspective, attached is a 1-page overview that will provide a quick snapshot of Authentically American and includes links to our recent national media coverage in Forbes Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and Fox & Friends.  You can also watch a short 1-minute VIDEO to learn more about the essence of our brand.  Now more than ever, Americans (especially Veterans) are actively seeking American made products. 

Feature Story on Fox and Friends: https://bit.ly/35uQwEO

Discount Code 25% Link: https://bit.ly/2TAEtjT

Connect with Guest:

Episode Transcript

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