I have heard it said that rainbows only come after a storm and the reason you can never find the pot of gold on your own is because someone else is the pot of gold.

That is a perfect segue into today podcast episode with George Bryant.  He was in the middle of a decade long storm that he was in a daily fight to remain anchored and in control.  His story of coming out of the storm is about as raw as we have had on the podcast before.

He opens his heart with a power story right out of the gate on where his decade long battle began, and where he currently is at in his life and his journey coming home to his family.

Topics Covered:

  • Not being good enough

  • Being in a relationship with yourself
  • Separating the uniform from the person
  • Finding the gratitude in your military service
  • Staying stuck in the storm
  • Integrity and perfection
  • Learning gentleness as a leader
  • Being alone
  • Breath work
  • Reparenting yourself


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Highspeed Daddy – https://bit.ly/31k3pjU

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