Did your last PCS move send you into debt?

In this episode I speak with Lacey Langford who is The Military Money Expert.  She has been a part of the Military almost all her life and in that time she has learned a thing or two about how to manage money in the family.  Have difficult conversations.

In the military we are never really taught how to manage money, it is just something we get issued twice a month and typically spending it on things that are not building wealth.

This episode is part two of our mini series on Money.  Be sure to check out Dan Hinz from Adulting with Money on Episode 94.

Topics Covered:

  • Creating a PCS proof career
  • Understanding your money language
  • Finding your money language in marriage
  • Finding compromise in a conversation
  • Avoiding mistakes in your next PCS move
  • The problems with debt
  • How to rewrite your story of money

Connect with Guest:

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