Where are you going?

A Buddhist monk is walking a small trail along a mountain when a horse suddenly came galloping quickly down the road.

The horse was moving so quickly the monk had to jump out of the way.  

It seemed as though the man had somewhere important to go. The monk who was now on the side of the road, shouted, “Where are you going?” and the man on the horse replied, “I don’t know! Ask the horse!”

This short (and confusing) story has an interesting meaning behind it. The horse is a symbol of our habits, which constantly pull us in the direction it wants to. It illustrates how most people usually live, at the mercy of their habits created by mindless activity and surrounding environment. If you stopped to ask yourself what you’re doing or why you’re running around so much, you might be surprised to learn how your actions are largely dictated by habits- not your free will.

And as much energy as we put into running around, a lot of the time it gets us nowhere. You have to realize you can take the reins and make your own destiny.

Episode Transcript

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